Our Team

Jaime Seoane: Electrical Engineer (YOE: +37)

Electrical Engineer graduated from Universidad Central de Venezuela (Venezuela) in 1981 and completing postgraduate studies in 1986 from the same university in the specialties of Electrical Power Systems (Faculty of Electrical Engineering) and Investigation of Operations (Faculty of Science). He began his professional career working for Electrificación del Caroní (EDELCA) for 8 years in the execution of megaprojects (Guri Project – Phase II ) and development of operating models with Harza Engineering. Jaime retired from Petrochemical Industry after 28 years holding different positions: specialist in major capital projects, General Manager of the José Antonio Anzoátegui petrochemical complex, Director of the Olefins and Polyethylenes project and finally served as Director of Pequiven in the areas of Capital Projects and Strategic Planning and New Developments. Also, held positions as member of the BOD in Pequiven JV’s companies and also was appointed as President of two of these companies.
His main strengths are focused on project management, new investment opportunities and ongoing business evaluation, financial modelling, marketing and international financing.

Marco González: PhD. Engineering Sciences (YOE: +37)

He works for ChemStrategy as a Business Strategy Advisor for the energy industry. He has a strong background in Oil & Gas Production, Oil & Gas Pipelines, Natural Gas Processing, and Power station projects. From 2005, he has been the coordinator of the Master´s degree in Natural Gas Business Management at Universidad Simon Bolivar (USB), Venezuela. Between 2005 and 2018, Gonzalez was a full professor of mechanical engineering at USB in Caracas. During that time, he was President, and Planning and Development Manager of FUNINDES-Foundation of Research and Development (2017-2018) and Chief of the Energy Institute (2014-2018) of the USB. From 1983 to 2005, he worked for consulting, engineering and construction companies (OPRINT, EGEP Consultores, and I.M. Van Dam), and for Corpoven (Pdvsa´s subsidiary), as Project Manager, Project Control, Leader of Mechanical and Process disciplines, and project engineer. He has been a consultant with numerous international institutions, governments, and companies, including CAF Development Bank of Latin America, UK Embassy at Caracas, PDVSA and its subsidiaries companies, Equinor, E&Y, Coastal corp., Ministries of Electric Power and of Petroleum, and the National Assembly of Venezuela. Gonzalez has authored numerous academic publications, including “Caribbean LNG value chain: Current and future developments”; “The Role of Natural Gas for Sustainable Development”; and “A mitigation scenario for Latin American power-related carbon dioxide emissions” (in 2020). He holds a PhD in Engineering Sciences and a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad Central de Venezuela, a master’s degree in Business Management and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Universidad Simon Bolivar.

Ruben Perez: Chemical Engineer (YOE: +22)

Chemical Engineer graduated from Universidad Rafael Urdaneta (Venezuela) in 1998. He completed postgraduate studies in Natural Gas Engineering at the Universidad del Zulia (Venezuela) and management studies at Universidad Rafael Belloso Chacin (Venezuela), graduating from both institutions in 2002. He also obtained the title of Specialist in Natural Gas Business Management from Universidad Simón Bolívar (Venezuela) in 2009. He has more than 22 years of experience playing technical and managerial roles in Venezuela’s hydrocarbons and petrochemical industry. Allowing him to possess an intensive knowledge of the industry value chain, economic models, market, statistics, policies and regulations.

Oscar Gelvis: Chemical Engineer (YOE: +15)

Chemical Engineer graduated from Universidad del Zulia (Venezuela) in 2004 and as Specialist in Petrochemical Industry from Instituto Petroquimico Argentino (Argentina) in 2012. More than fourteen years of experience working for Venezuelan petrochemical industry, holding technical positions in the area of process ​engineering; also covering  positions as manager and director (member of the BOD) in several Venezuelan petrochemical companies. He has extensive experience in the evaluation of the performance of petrochemical plants from process perspectives, as well as the execution and evaluation of capital projects in their pre-feasibility and feasibility phases. Proven skills in evaluating the financial and operational performance of petrochemical companies, identification of business opportunities and market assessments with special emphasis on the petrochemical and gas market in the Americas.

Fabian Sanchez: Lawyer (YOE: +17)

Lawyer graduated from Universidad de Carabobo (Venezuela) in 2003, successfully exercising in the judicial and administrative areas, in Civil, Mercantile, Tax and Labor matters, among others. Since 2008, he entered into the decentralized public sector through the Venezuelan petrochemical industry, reaching supervisory, managerial and executive positions, participating in solving cases of several matters and obtaining vast experience in contracts, obligations, administrative claims, legal matters of Projects, International, Project and Corporate Finance, Strategic Planning and New Developments, multiple legislation (national and foreign), among others. He actively participates with advice, assistance, accompaniment, management, drafting (contracts, reports, notices) and opinions that lead to course of actions and solutions, supporting those units that require legal services in several areas (such as financial, tax, commercial, among others). Also, he has performed courses in different subjects, such as taxes, arbitration and International Oil & Gas Law, Contracts and Negotiations.