Whether you manufacture, sell, buy, trade or invest in petrochemicals or natural gas industry, making the best decisions depends on having the most accurate near-term industry outlook for your business. Our Multiclient Service is a report that provides a deep vision, specialized and impartial of the productive chain in the sector along Latin America and the Caribbean.



The Multiclient Services is powered by our on-site consultants, who handle information directly from key industry players to ensure you have the most reliable near-term information related to plant status, supply-demand, politic and legal issues, trade and cost forecasts for the sector you are interesting.

We provide a quarterly presentation in power point or PDF format, accompanied by a Briefing via personal meeting or webinar to guarantee clients interaction with our in-country teams and afford ample time for discussion.

All briefings can be tailored to address the client’s immediate area of interest, and are well-suited to time sensitive corporate challenges or topical group training. This high level interaction is useful for expedient and meticulous knowledge transfer.